The Princess Treatment & Covid-19

My favorite thing about working at home is what my wife and I call sober daytime sex. Many mind-blowing afternoons have been spent lovemaking. We just need to be sure we are done before 2:45 pm when our daughter gets home from school.

And then came the Covid-19 stay at home order,  and the rest of the school year is cancelled. With a teenager around the house Mrs. P can’t relax and enjoy. It’s been 2 weeks with only brief, hurried loving. Quickies can be fun, but we like to take our time and go for deep satisfaction.

“I want to volunteer at the food bank tomorrow afternoon,” says our altruistic daughter. She is tired of staying home, and she wants to help people in need.

“That’s a great idea,” says her mother with a quick glance in my direction. We are of the same mind.

The next day I am working in my office when my wife returns from dropping our daughter off at the food bank. She doesn’t interrupt me. Instead she goes straight to the shower. I hear the water, and she knows I hear.

Once she is out I leave my office and jump in the shower. Once I am clean and shaven I go back to the bedroom to find my Queen on the bed. She is naked, on her back, legs spread, gently rubbing her INA Wave on her clitoris. Her eyes are closed and she is moaning very softly.

“Wow,” I say, “you are beautiful.”

I love my wife, and her body. I love her scent, her warmth, her essence. I lay her on her stomach, kiss her neck, her back, her beautiful butt. Slowly moving toward her feet, her ankles, her sweet toes, and then back up to her ass.

I am incredibly turned on, rock hard, and deeply in love. I take my time, linger on every kiss, every lick. She melts into relaxation.

I breath her in as deep as I can all the way there and back.

After working my way back up I gently bite her ass, licking, teasing, inhaling her essence the whole time. I spread her beautiful ass and inhale deeply, taking in the aroma, which excites me in a way nothing else can.

Then very gently a probing lick…

This is how we often begin “The Princess Treatment.” This is how I treat my Queen, the love of my life.

I have missed this. Damn you Corona virus!

“I want you down there,” she says. I kneel at the side of the bed while she repositions herself, lifting her legs, and I can see her beautiful ass. I kiss her right thigh, slowly, and then her left, back and forth, slowly moving closer. Her scent drives me mad.

With my nose in her sweet pussy, I gently lick her ass, then I make it hard and pointy and penetrate just a little. 

“Oh!” she moans as I rim her luxuriously, savoring every sensation, her aroma, her taste, her warmth. 

Then I move up, flatten my tongue and with an alternating sideways motion I lick her inner lips.

“I can’t hold my legs up,” she says, so I place my hands on each heel to support them while I continue to lick and gently suck her pussy lips, punctuated by bigger licks and penetration with my tongue. I take my time. Her moans excite me immensely. 

She is slightly furry – her sugaring appointment was cancelled due to the stay at home order. I love the feel of her hair on my cheeks.

After a while I run my tongue around her clitoris, very slowly, very softly. Then I wrap my lips around it and softly suck, flicking my tongue back and forth, back and forth. 

Her body tightens and she moans loudly, climaxing. I moan too, I love it when she cums. 

“I want to suck you,” she says, and I climb on the bed, kneeling next to her head. She grabs my cock and wraps her lips around it, sucking hard while I fuck her mouth. She pulls me out of her mouth and gently strokes me while sucking my balls.

I moan uncontrollably.

“Fuck me,” she whispers. We reposition and I enter her. “God that feels good!” she says.

I pump her and she lets out a loud moan. We kiss, tongues whirling in a fervor. She digs her fingernails into my ass as I pump as hard as I can while she cums again.

I lift my upper body and she pinches my right nipple while gently biting my left. I pump and pump, and then I climax. For a moment I forget where I am as I fill her pussy with my cum, waves of ecstasy coursing through my body, my heart pounding.

When it’s over we lie together, breathing heavy, sweaty and satiated. I climb off her and lie at her side. We look each other in the eye. “I love you,” I say. She smiles with her eyes and says “I love you too.”

After 25 years of marriage it has never been better. We both married our best friend. 

Our daughter is now volunteering 2-3 times a week. Daytime sober sex is back. Take that Covid-19!

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